Configuring Your Account

As well as being able to customize the email and text message wording through the settings tab you can also configure the look and feel of your company logo, signature, reminders and audit trail. 

This article will also explore the customer/agent interaction options in System Settings, including the behavior within a session, at the end of a session,  and eSign additional settings, . More specifically settings for:

features for applying settings, company signature and the UI configuration settings.


Your Lightico account can be customized for the entire system and also independently for each team you set up. You may want to configure different settings for different teams of users. To do this, you will first have to create a team (See Creating Teams, People Management) before adapting the relevant settings. This article refers to the customizable features in System Settings  Note: Team settings override system settings.

System Settings > Session

1. Session

Here you can customize the customer/agent interactions:




Default Setting

Session consent close page A message or redirect page if a customer rejects digital communication.
Session consent open page Receive customer consent for digital communication prior to session entry.
Customer attachment Enables customer document sharing
Customer Chat Enables customer/agent direct chat
Inactive session auto-close period Disabled. When enabled, when a customer accesses the Lightico room but does not complete interactions, this setting allows for auto-close, deactivating the session before the 7-day time period. This is editable by parameters of days, hours, minutes.
Reusable Enables sessions to be reused. When enabled,agent can see previous transactions and click to reinitiate a session.
Search space
Where agents access the address book of their previously contacted customers
Enables agents to see only their customers. Activating to My Teams or All allows agents to search and take over customers
from other agents. See Session Transfer 

Single active session

Disabled to allow simultaneous multi sessions. Multiple sessions are blocked, meaning that an agent must click End Session before engaging with another customer. The New Conversation button is disabled on the agent’s screen until the current session is ended.
Wrap-up ID HTML template ID used for Agent call summaries pop up


2. End Session Behavior



Option Default Setting
Attachment enabled Default Enabled. Allows the customer to send an attachment
Chat enabled Default Enabled. Allows customer/agent chat after a session
Full access duration Default Enabled - Editable to restrict the number of hours after which the customer will be able to interact in the room after the agent has left the session. Full access enabled allows the customer to complete all open actions, (maximum 168 hours - 7 days).
Limited access With this feature enabled, the customer can only download documents received. They will not be able to complete transactions such as sign documents or upload stipulations. This is editable for up to a 168-hour time period.
Prevent access In order to prevent a customer entering a Lightico session to review or download any shared materials, enable this function. When
enabled, the customer cannot access the Lightico room at all. They will receive a Denied Access or Session Expired message if they try.
Redirect URL

Allows for a link to be added to take the customer to a selected website for support when session access is denied.

Used for End Session Prevent Access state to  redirected end-customers.


3. Esign 

In this section you can define additional esign compliance options


Option Default setting
Approve consent The consent disclaimer verbiage that appears before the customer presses “Approve”.
Authoritative copy

Generate and archive an original version of a document. Watermark original as Authoritative  and send the Non-authoritative copy to the agent and end-customer. Available for both parties to download and view

Force review

Forces a customer to review before signing

Secured party name

The name for configuring authoritative document in the vault.

Sign consent

The consent disclaimer verbiage that appears once the customer presses “Sign”.

Signing reason

FDA CFR 21 compliance for optional adding of a list of reasons for signing forms


4. Feature

Here you can customize the customer/agent interaction options



Option Default setting
Agent attachment

Activates the ad-hoc paperclip function

Agent download

Allows agent to download completed documents

Copy signature

Allows the system to save the customers’ signature for auto re-signing 

Document request

Activates the document request tool


Activates the payment tool


Activates the reminders function.

Send batch

Activates the send batch feature.

Shared view

Allows agent to share and mark-up documents with customer


Enables steps using conditional logic

Workflow combined pdf

Enables a batch of workflows sent via SF


5. Company signature

The name that appears at the footer of each signed document

Go to System Settings, Company




Customer View:


6. UI Settings

Settings and features for customizing the end-customer interface


Option Default setting
Accessibility Activates screen modification for sight-impaired customers
After session end Define whether the customer stays in the room or is re-directed Back to Welcome page once agents ends session
Agent last 10 Allows agents to see the address book of recently contact customers.
Buttons Currently unavailable
Cookie disclaimer Defines whether customer sees and approves cookies disclaimer
Custom colors Currently unavailable
Date format Customization of date format
Delete message Allows agent to delete unsigned/incomplete document transactions gmnYC8stKL.gif
Document state  
Edit template name Allows an agent to edit the ad-hoc or template document name
Esign form Currently unavailable









Option Default Setting
eSign signature Currently unavailable
Font size Customize the font size. Recommended 12px

Upload a customer a png or jpeg file 236x56.


Primary background color Currently unavailable
Primary foreground color Currently unavailable
Recent result size Define how many pages of history are available for agents to review in the agent address book
Recent visible page size Define how many results are visible per page in the agent address book.
Secondary background color Currently unavailable
Secondary foreground color Currently unavailable
Widgets Currently unavailable
Zendesk support Access from the agent homescreen to 24/7 support








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