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Our mission is to digitally transform the connection between businesses and their customers, making the experience effortless, efficient and unforgettable.


Lightico empowers businesses to complete entire customer-facing processes in real time by streamlining, digitizing and automating interactions. With Lightico, businesses can instantly collect customer documents, eSignatures, eForms, payments, consent to disclosures, confirm orders and verify ID, even while they have customers on their mobile phone.


By simplifying these processes, businesses complete sales cycles faster and service their customers effortlessly, earning customer's trust and loyalty, translating to higher profits. 


Some of the common applications include:


1. Customer Sales - ensuring that customers see, sign, complete, and pay for all aspects of the sale in an easy, intuitive way from their mobile phone.


2. Customer Onboarding - empowering businesses to verify the identity of their customers, have them complete documentation, submissions and supporting elements to ensure they are smoothly onboarded to the company.


3. Customer Service - enabling customers to easily report, adjust, and resolve issues from a range of issues from simple change of address requests, to bill clarification, to complex insurance claims.


Lightico Apps 

In the collaboration portal, customers can access dedicated apps for tasks that are required throughout the process that they are going through.


 These are the apps that can be used in the collaboration portal:

  • eSignature - 
  • eForms - 
  • Document collection -
  • Payments-
  • Media catalog -
  • Collaborative Review -
  • ID Verification -
  • Knowledge Base Authentication -


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