Single Session Mode

Lightico default mode allows agents to conduct multiple sessions simultaneously. In this article you'll learn how to adjust the settings.

By simply clicking on New Conversation, an agent can interact with another customer while the previous customer continues their journey independently in the collaboration room.



However, this can be deactivated, forcing an agent to complete each customer journey (and possible wrap-up tasks) before starting a new session.

When Single Active Session is enabled, pressing End Session will end the current customer-agent interaction and only then, allow the agent to initiate the next session. 

End Session behavior setting, allows configuration so that even after end session is pressed, the customer will still have access to the Lightico room to continue collaborative interactions such as sharing or signing a document or downloading completed transactions for the 7-day time limit. The chat and external ad-hoc attachment features will not be available. 

Multiple sessions are blocked when Single Session mode is activated, meaning that an agent must click End Session before engaging with another customer. The New Conversation button is disabled on the agent’s screen. The following functions are restricted in session mode: cannot start a new session, cannot move to a historical session (recent or search), cannot move to Settings (if has the right privileges, Cannot logout)

This setting is customizable for specific teams and also for the entire system.

To activate Single Session Mode:

  1. Go to System Settings
  2. Scroll down to Session
  3. Activate single active session

To activate Single Session Mode for teams:

  1. Go to Teams
  2. Select the team you want to define



3. Select Settings

4. Go to Session, Select Single Activate Session

 mceclip0.png 5.  Click Save

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