eSignature Overview


The Lightico platform was designed and built with the highest security standards. It has passed rigorous security tests and is ISO 27001 certified, the internationally recognized information security standard for the best software companies in the world. Lightico’s multi-layered security design has made it a trusted technology partner for some of the world’s largest and most demanding companies. To learn more about Lightico and its security procedures, see our section on security.

How Lightico Instant eSignature Works

The agent simply sends the customer a text message with a link to a  secure session where forms, documents or contracts are shared with the customer. Customers easily review and sign the document on their cell phone in real-time with a simple finger swipe. The document is then locked and stored with a fully time-stamped audit trail.

1. Customer receives a text message with a link to the document to sign.

2. Customer reviews and signs and signs the document with a finger swipe.


3. Signed or approved documents can be either stored in the account Lightico storage and/or in the CRM storage and/or in supported cloud based storage solutions.

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