Configuring Multi-Sign Templates

Once your template has been uploaded to the system, you can configure the multi-signer settings.

Adding Signees, Approvers and CC


  1. Click on Manage Participants



2. Click on + Add Participant. 

  • Each participant space will appear in a different color 
  • You can add up to 100 participants per multi-signer interaction

3. Select the participant you want to define

Assign a role from the following options: Signer, Approver or CC



A signature element field will need to be added for each signer.

Approver and CC can not have a signature field. 

Each participant can sign the document with no chronological order or dependency. This can be configured (see below Order Group).

If a CC role was defined, the CC will be emailed with a copy of the document. The CC's email address must be defined and entered by the Business Configurator.

There is also the option to define participants as optional, meaning that the agent will have the ability to add a participant ad-hoc.

Order Group

Once you have more than one participant,  you can edit the order in which the participants will be tasked with the document, meaning that a participant in group 2 will only receive the link to the session once group 1 have completed their task.

Agent first/last defines in what order the agent will be tasked with the document


Adding the signature element field

Click on the Signature icon.

The element will appear in the top left-hand corner of the document.

Drag the signature box to the required position in the document


Assigning Field Elements to a Participant

Click on the Manage Participants to select a participant to assign elements to.

The colored box will change accordingly, to match the color of the participant.

A Text Field Box will appear on the right hand-side of the screen with the option of making field entries mandatory or option. 






Once configured, click Save.






Assigning the document template to users

Now that your template has been created you can share it with your teams.

Select Teams and then click on the team you want to have access to the document.

Click on the edit icon.


Click on Associated Shared Categories.

All the document templates in your system will be available to view.

Click on the document/s for sharing with the selected team. Then click save.


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