Collaborating with Customers

Lightico easily connects to your CRM, Agent Toolbars, Self Service and other Business tools and is also available in a stand-alone mode.

This article will provide you with information on how to share documents with customers, how to request documents and request payment in a stand-alone mode.

Logging in

Go to:

Enter your email as Username and your 8 digit (min) password.


Click on Forgot Password if the email address you gave is relevant. You will receive a link to this email address for resetting your password.

To start a session, click on Start Conversation  or Pre-plan Conversation.



Start conversation will send a link directly to your customer's phone as a text message or email, with a link to a secure, collaboration room, as soon as you enter customer contact details. 

Pre-plan Conversation  allows you to prepare the document or request before initiating a session with your customer. Using this mode, the agent must press Invite client to initiate the session for the first time.

This article follows the pe-plan option.

  • Select either phone number or email address according to your customer's preference.
  • Enter your customer's name


A new window will open the agent console home screen.

Sending a document for review, signature and/or approval 

If you have predefined documents in your system, they will appear on the right-hand side of the screen as Assets.



  • Click on the required folder
  • Select the document
  • A new window will open
  • Click Send. The screen will return the agent console home screen with the document ready to send to the client. NB In Pre-plan mode, the customer won't receive the document until the agent clicks Invite.


Inputting Data

Your asset may have been formatted with an agent required input field.

That means, you won't be able to send the document until the mandatory information has been completed. The field/s will be highlighted in red if you try to send the document without inputting the required fields. Some fields may appear in blue for customer input.  Once the data has been entered, click Send.


Sending a document Request

  • Click on Tools
  • Click Document Request
  • Select the document and click Add

If the document you require doesn't appear in the list, use the search function.

  • Click Send Request



Requesting Payment

  • Click on Tools
  • Select Payment Request
  • Select the amount - enter a valid amount with 2 digits after the :
  • Select currency.
  • Click Send Request



Uploading a specific pdf from your pc. to share with a customer is super easy!

Click on the green attach button (paperclip) to select any pdf content and media. See here for more information.

Watching your customer connect

Once the agent clicks on Invite client the link will be sent.

This shows the link has been sent and the number is valid. Waiting for the customer to connect.


To amend an invalid number or wrong address, click on Re-engage to edit. This will appear once only on your initial contact with your customer. From now, their data will be stored in the agent address book for future reference.

This shows the link has been sent and the number is invalid. Click Re-engage to fix the contact details or switch from sms to email or vice versa.



Customer successfully connected 


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