Files are not uploading and data is not updated in Salesforce

Users may experience a successful Lightico session with a participant, where data is retrieved from Salesforce to target forms, the customer signs and provides the relevant documents, and the session seems to be functioning properly. However,  once the agent reviews the session record or the source record then he/she identifies that fields were not updated in Salesforce, and Lightico Files were not created in the Lightico Session record.

When these two behaviors are identified it means that the connection from Lightico to Salesforce needs to be reset.

Check Integration Hub connection settings

Required Lightico Role – Profile Admin

To verify the status of the Lightico 🡪 Salesforce connection take the following steps:

  1. Login to Lightico navigate to Settings

  1. Navigate to Integration Hubs

  1. Click on the Salesforce Integration Hub

Note: If more than 1 Salesforce Integration Hub is available and you don't know which Integration Hub to select, then please navigate in Salesforce to the Lightico Settings page and locate the Source

  1. In the Integration Hub definition page scroll all the way down and click the Test Connectivity button

  1. If  credentials were changed (Password/Security Token changes) then the connectivity test will fail:

  1. Update your password and security token and test connectivity again to verify you have a successful connection.

  1. Save/Save and Exit to keep the updated credentials

  1. Re-test the Salesforce app to verify that Files are now uploading, or data in Salesforce is updating as expected.




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