Lightico Service Status Updates

Lightico maintains a status page to communicate service related events. The status page provides real-time updates and alerts on any known issue that may be affecting our customers. You can also subscribe to notification alerts for services related to your account. To view our status page, visit


The following type of events are published:

  • Scheduled maintenance: we aim to publish notices at least 3 days ahead of the event
  • Emergency maintenance: notice is published within 24 hours ahead of event
  • Degraded service: notice is published in real time
  • Service outage: notice is published in real time


Stay updated

For any issues that may be affecting customers, we update the Lightico Service Status page. The status page allows subscription for related service components for a Lightico account. Each Lightico account resides in a geographical region, and you can subscribe only for notifications to the related region and services. 


To find out which region (subdomain) your Lightico account resides on, please read this article


Subscribing to the status page

To subscribe to status page notifications, please contact with your Lightico login email and (if different) the email addresses that you wish to be notified. 

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