Create tick-box documents
  • 08 Apr 2021
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Create tick-box documents

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Article summary

This article describes how to create tick-box HTML documents. 

You can use tick-box documents as part of a workflow when you want customers to indicate that they have read the document by selecting a checkbox. 

To create a tick-box HTML document:

  1. In the Lightico Administration page, in the left pane, click Workflow > HTML Designer.

  2. In the top right corner of the page, click Create.

  3. In the Create New HTML dialog box, select Tick-box document, enter a unique name for your document, and click Create.

    The new tick-box document opens.

    You use the built-in html editor to design and edit the contents of the document.

  4. In the Sticky title box enter a heading for your document.

  5. In the Section box enter the main text of your document

  6. In the Agreement checkbox message box, enter the text that will appear at the bottom of the document, which the customer will have to select. 

  7. To force users to scroll down until the end of the page before selecting the checkbox, select the settings button and switch on the toggle/

  8. Click Save.
Customer Perspective:
As part of the workflow, the customer views the tick-box document in the following format:

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