Sandbox release notes
  • 05 Dec 2022
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Sandbox release notes

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This article lists features and improvements that are currently available in sandbox environments only.

Once the features are released to production environments, they are deleted from this article and will appear only in the standard release notes.

Allow agents to fill in a form in a workflow

You can now add a form to the beginning of a workflow and define it to be filled out by the agent. When the agent sends the workflow, a pop-up appears enabling them to fill in the form before the workflow is added to the session. Data entered by the agent affects conditional fields and pages in the workflow and defines attributes for this session.

For more information about sending a workflow with an agent form, see Send a workflow.

For more information about adding an agent form to a workflow, see Create workflows.

Hide PDF form in workflow 

When you add a template-based document to a workflow, you have the option of hiding this auto-generated form and replacing it with a custom form. This enables you to brand and customize the form using the Form Designer for a much better user experience.

For more information hiding PDF forms in a workflow, see Create workflows.

Customize opening and closing pages for eSign documents

Wording templates now include the option to customize the following for template-based and ad hoc eSigns:

  • Opening screen title and text
  • Closing screen title and text

For more information about wording templates, see Customize wording of customer UI.

Session consent forced review enhancements

The following enhancements were made:

  • Forced Review setting function has been improved
  • You can define forced review for team settings independently of the system configuration 
  • Customer now has the option to download the consent text

For more information about session consent forced review, see Configure customer consent.

Empty string conditions for switch and hub workflow elements

Two conditional terms have been added to the switch and hub workflow elements. 

  • “Is empty” - for when no value is provided for the attribute
  • “Is not empty” – for when any value has been provided for the attribute 

These conditions are available for text, number, date, and address attributes.

For more information about creating conditions in a workflow see Create workflows.

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