Manage sessions
  • 08 Jul 2024
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Manage sessions

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As an agent, you interact and collaborate with your customers inside a Lightico session. This article explains how to manage Lightico sessions in the Agent Console.

Start a session

To start interacting with your customers, you invite them to a Lightico session. The invitation can be sent to an email address or a phone number (SMS). You can prepare the session beforehand or you can start interacting immediately. 

To start a session:

  1. Log in to your Lightico account.  
    The Agent Console opens.

  2. There are 2 ways to start a session. Depending on when you want to invite the customer to interact, click one of the following:

    • Start Session - Invites the customer to interact immediately

    • Pre-plan Session - Allows you to first set up your session with the content you require and only then to invite your customer to interact.

  3. Enter the customer details. You can either enter an email address or a phone number (SMS).


    Your Administrator may have disabled text messages (SMS), in which case the phone number option will not appear.

  4. After you have completed the customer details, click Start.

    The Lightico session page opens.

Inviting the customer to the session

By default, when you start a session, Lightico automatically sends an invitation to the customer to join the session. The invitation is sent either by email or SMS, depending on which method you chose in the New Session dialog box (see above). The invitation includes a brief explanation and a link to enter the collaboration room.

Example email session invitation

When an external service sends the session invitation

Your company or team may send session invitations through a third-party service or require you, the Agent, to copy and send the session link to your customer. In that case, at the bottom of the New Session window a message appears informing you that a Lightico invitation will not be sent. You can enter both a phone number and an email address or choose to enter only one.

Send a session link to the customer

Instead of or in addition to the automatic invitation, you may need to send the session link directly to your customer. Within the collaboration room you can copy the customer side URL and embed it in an email or other communication channel.

To send a session link to the customer:

  1. In the top right of the collaboration room page, click the menu and click Generate session URL.

    After a moment, a message notifies you that the URL has been generated.

  2. Click Copy URL.

  3. Embed the URL and send it to the customer.

Use session settings from another team

As an agent, you are part of a team with unique settings defined in the system, including access to specific assets and workflows. If you belong to Team 1, for example, you can enter a session on behalf of another team (for example, Team 2) and use that team's setting for this particular session.

To enter the session with another team's settings, select the other team from the Enter session settings list.

For more information, see Use session settings from a different team.

View session history

Click the arrows in the upper left corner to reveal the History panel where you can view the history of all your sessions. You can resume an existing session, see if there are updates to sessions, and filter for completed / incomplete sessions.


The administrator configures the session history settings in the Lightico Administration page. For more information, see Configure session history.

Resume a session

Click on the relevant session in the My History pane. Use the Search for contact box to find a specific contact or browse through the sessions.

You can also search sessions by team, using the team filters. Click My team to see sessions associated with your specific team and All to see sessions associated with all teams.

See updated sessions

If a session has been updated, for example, when the customer signs a document, the session appears under Updated sessions.

Filter for complete or incomplete sessions

To filter your sessions, click the down arrow and select the relevant filter.

Customer status indicator

The customer status indicator at the top left corner of the screen provides information about the customer, such as their online status and whether or not they have completed their tasks.

The following table explains each status indicator:



The customer is online and has not completed the assigned tasks

The customer is offline and has not completed the assigned tasks

The customer is online and has completed the assigned tasks

The customer is offline and has completed the assigned tasks

The customer has never joined the session

Hover over the status indicator to see the customer authentication or consent status. 

Change customer details (Re-engage)

If you mistakenly entered incorrect details for your customer, you can change the customer details without losing any assets or documents that were included in the session. 

To change customer details, Click Re-engage and re-enter the correct customer details.


This can be done as long as the customer, whose details you initially entered, has not yet joined the session. Once they join, you cannot change any customer details and you would need to start a new session with the intended customer.

To end a session, click End Session.

The Lightico administrator configures the end session behavior. For example, the administrator can configure what type of access, if any, the customer has to a session after you have ended it. 

Renew a session

After you end a session you can renew it by clicking Renew Session.

The session is restored to its original state and you can continue interacting with your customer.

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