Integration Certificate Renewal - Oct 2023
  • 19 Oct 2023
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Integration Certificate Renewal - Oct 2023

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Article summary

Annual Certificate Renewal

Lightico Integration Customers utilizing Certificate AUTH to authenticate callbacks sent from Lightico integration services will be required to update their hosted certificate as per the following schedule. 

The renewed certificate files can be downloaded from below.

Certificate Renewal Schedule

Testing environments:

  • Sandbox EU - Oct 23, 2023 8am UK
  • Sandbox NA - Oct 23, 2023 7am EST

Production environment:

  • North America (NA1) - Nov 5, 2023 2am EST
  • Frankfurt (EU4) - Nov 6, 2023 9pm UTC
  • London (EU2) - Nov 8, 2023  12am UK


What happens if you do not update the certificate?

Failure to update the certificate ahead of the above schedule will cause callback delivery to the configured integration endpoints be rejected.


Should you require assistance or have questions, please reach out to us at

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