Send a workflow
  • 02 May 2021
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Send a workflow

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Lightico Workflows bring together the different Lightico elements into one unified customer interaction. In a single workflow, for example, customers can complete a form, submit a document, read a dynamic text and sign a document.  This article explains how to send a workflow to a customer during a Lightico Conversation. 

Workflows are configured by the business administrator in the Lightico Administration page. For more information, see Getting started with automated workflows.

Send a regular workflow

If your workflow was configured as a visual cart, see Send a visual cart.

To send a regular workflow:

  1. In the right panel of the conversation page, click Workflows.

    Under Workflows, you can access the workflows that have been prepared and predefined by your business administrator.

  2. Locate the workflow you want to send by either searching for the workflow in the search box or browsing the folders.

  3. Click the relevant workflow to send it to the customer.

    If your workflow includes a visual cart, see Send a visual cart.

    To track the customer interaction after the document has been sent, use the interaction bubble, displayed in the left pane.

    The interaction bubble provides information about this interaction with the customer and allows you to perform certain actions on the relevant documents or assets. For more information, see Using interaction bubbles.

Send a visual cart

You can use the Lightico workflow tools to create a visual cart. In a visual cart, the agent fills out a set of questions, a journey, and based on these inputs, a visual summary of the information is presented on the same screen and can be delivered to the customer as a PDF. For more information about creating a visual cart, see Create a visual cart.

To send a visual cart:

  1. In a Lightico conversation, send a workflow that includes a visual cart as described above. The visual cart opens.

  2. Select a journey from the Select Journey list.

  3. Complete the fields in the journey and click Set to display the output on the right side.

  4. To add a new journey, click Add New, complete the fields in the journey and click Set again.

  5. To edit or delete one of the journeys, use the edit and delete buttons next to the output for that journey.

  6. When you are ready to send the visual cart, click Send. If you configured the workflow to send a PDF to the customer, the customer receives a PDF to approve. 

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