Configure Workflow settings
  • 04 Dec 2023
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Configure Workflow settings

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Article summary

This article describes how to configure settings that affect the overall functioning of the Workflow.  These settings are found in the Settings and Formatting tabs in the right pane of the Workflow builder.

You may have a Workflow that includes multiple documents with different customer consent settings. You can define a global policy for the Workflow that dictates how customer consent settings are applied. This policy overrides consent settings for individual documents included in the Workflow.

To define a customer consent policy for a Workflow:

In the Settings tab, under Customer Consent Message, choose one of the following options:

  • Single consent - Show a single consent message upon entering the Workflow.
  • Use document configuration - Show consent messages according to the customer consent settings of each document in the Workflow.
  • No consent message - Do not show any consent messages in this Workflow.

Customize opening and closing screen

You can display a custom opening or closing screen for your Workflow.  

To customize the Workflow opening or closing screen:

  1. In the Formatting tab, turn on the Show opening screen or Show closing screen toggle.
  2. To customize the screen, select Custom screen and, in the Screen Editor, customize your screen using the built-in WYSIWYG editor.
  3. Click Save.

Define workflow background

Add a background that appears behind customer forms when they participate using a laptop or desktop device. The background can be an image or color.

The background setting does not affect workflows that are opened on a mobile device.

To define a color for the workflow background: 

  • In the Formatting tab, under Workflow background, click Color and enter the Hex color code in the field below.
    The defined color is displayed in the preview box.

To define an image for the workflow background:

  1. In the Formatting tab, under Workflow background, click Image.
    The default image appears in the preview box.
  2. Click Replace Image and select an image from your files.
    The image file size must not exceed 2Mb.

    The selected image appears in the preview box.
    Click Reset to return to the default color and image.

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