Replace the PDF or overlay template form in a Workflow
  • 08 Oct 2023
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Replace the PDF or overlay template form in a Workflow

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Article summary

When a PDF template or overlay template (used with an external document) contains fields that need to be filled in by the customer, a digital form is auto-generated. The customer fills in all fields in this form and then the information is inserted into the document.
When you add a PDF template to a workflow, you have the option of hiding this auto-generated form and replacing it with a custom form. This enables you create a much better customer experience by: 

  • Branding and customizing the form using the Form Designer 
  • Combining fields from multiple forms in the workflow into one unified form

In order to replace the auto-generated form, fields in the PDF or overlay must be bound to attributes.

To replace the auto-generated form:

  1. In the workflow, select the  PDF or external document item and click the three dots.
    The context menu appears.
  2. Turn off the Use PDF form toggle. An additional setting appears in the context menu.
  3. Click Select Form.
    The form selector window appears.
  4. Select an existing form (including one of the forms already added to the workflow)
    Click +New Form.
  5. Click DoneThe Form Designer opens:
    • If you selected an existing form, all fields from the PDF appear in a new section added to the last page.
    • If you selected New Form, all fields from the PDF appear in the first section of the first page of a new form.
  6. Edit the form as needed (see Create forms) and click Save.
  7. Click the back button to return to the workflow.
    If you created a new form, it is added to the workflow.

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