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  • 30 Nov 2022
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Send notifications

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Lightico enables you to keep customers engaged and updated about sessions, from inviting them into a session to sending them automatic notifications about session activity. 

For example, if the agent sends a document to a customer and they have not yet completed it, Lightico can auto-send a reminder to complete the document. When there is new activity in a session, for example, the agent sent the customer a new document to sign and the customer is offline, Lightico can auto-send a notification about the new activity.  You can also customize the content of email and SMS session invitations. 

This article describes how to configure Lightico notifications settings. To access these settings, from the Administration page left navigation pane click System Settings Notifications.

Configure general notification settings

You can configure the following settings that apply to all notifications in the General section of the Notifications settings.

SettingConfiguration instructions
SMS SenderEnter the sender name that appears on an SMS sent by Lightico. For example, your company name.
Note: This setting is only applicable to countries that allow sender name customization.
Phone prefixTurn the toggle on to activate and select a calling code that will be added to the phone number the agent enters when starting a session. This allows the agent to enter the local number without having to add a calling code. If the agent enters a different calling code, that code will override the code selected in the settings.
Email sender nameEnter the sender name that appears on emails sent by Lightico. For example, your company name. 
Short customer invite URLGenerates a short URL for including in the SMS and email session invitation. This increases readability and helps to stay within the 160-character limit for SMS messages.

Customize session invitations

There are fours types of notifications that you can customize:

  • Primary participant invitation to a new session
  • Additional participants invitation to a new session
  • Reminder about an incomplete session
  • New activity

The following settings apply to all the types of notifications. 

Configuration instructions

Long URL SMS content

Enter custom text up to 70 characters for when you are not using short URLs. This message will also replace the Short URL SMS content (see below) when the short URL service is not responding. 

Short URL SMS content Enter custom text up to 130 character for when you are using short URLs.

Email Subject

Enter custom text for the subject of the email invitation. For example, "You are invited to a Lightico collaboration room." 

Email body

Click Replace file and upload an HTML template used for the body of the invitation email. For guidelines to working with email templates, see Email template guidelines.

Additional settings for incomplete sessions and new activity can be found below.

Remind customers about incomplete sessions

If a customer has not yet completed a session activity, for example, the customer did not complete a document, you can send incomplete session notifications to remind the customer to complete the activity. 

These reminders can be sent a maximum of one time per day.  Configure the following system settings for incomplete session notifications:

SettingConfiguration instructions
Customer offline durationDefine (in minutes) how long the customer should be offline before the notification mechanism is activated. Once notifications are activated, they will be sent out according to the other settings defined below (specific days and time range). 
DaysDefine on which days notifications can be sent
Time rangeSet the time range for notifications to be sent. This should be set to a time when customers are most likely to be online and available to receive notifications.
Maximum notificationsSet the maximum number of notifications that can be sent to customers
Send via SMSWhen the toggle is on, an SMS is sent according to the timing that is configured above.
Send via emailWhen the toggle is on, an SMS is sent according to the timing that is configured above.

Notify customers about new activity

If an agent adds a new document or any item to a session or if the agent is the last person to sign on a document, thereby completing the document, you can send a new activity notification to the customer. This notification makes the customer aware that something is waiting for them in the room or that a document is ready for them to download. Configure the following system settings for new activity notifications:

SettingsConfiguration instructions
Activate new activity notificationsTurn this toggle on to send notification of new activity according to the settings below.
Customer offline durationDefine (in minutes)  how long the customer should be offline before a notification about new activity is sent. 
Notification frequencyDefine (in minutes) the frequency at which notifications can be sent.
Note: If the frequency is set at 10 minutes and there is an activity 2 minutes after the last notification, the customer will not receive that notification. 

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