Release August 21, 2022
  • 01 Sep 2022
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Release August 21, 2022

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What's New

This release includes the following new features:

Core features

Empty attribute condition in dynamic document

The new "is empty" option for dynamic documents creates a condition for when an attribute value has been left empty or was not included at all in the document. The "is empty" condition is available for text, number, date, and address attributes.

Photo ID verification images - included in workflow download

Photo ID verification images that are part of a workflow can now be downloaded.

API features

Update status of workflow that contains a dynamic document

You can now update the status of a workflow to COMPLETE, even when it contains a dynamic document.

Assign wording template

A wording template changes the default text of button labels and messages in the customer UI and some text in the audit trail. Now you can assign a wording template when adding an esign (template or ad hoc) or workflow via the API.

Download PDF draft of workflow

Download a PDF that contains all eSign PDFs and dynamic documents in a workflow, before the workflow is completed by the customer.

  • These eSigns and dynamic documents will include any known attribute values.
  • Draft workflows can be watermarked (optional setting).
  • Draft workflows are downloaded without an audit trail.


Re-engage session event

A new API event has been added for when an agent changes customer session information by using the Re-engage button. The event response includes new session ID, and new URLs for the agent and customer.

Salesforce features

Add text to a session directly from SF

SF developers can now add text messages to the customer side of the session.

Allow admin to define events filtering

Using the admin page, invokable method or process builder, the user can define which Lightico integration hub creates a web hook event for actions performed in SF Lightico sessions.

Dynamic session settings in batch

An SF user can define a batch to start a Lightico campaign. The new capability enables the user to define different settings (using team ID) for each session in the batch.

Fixes and Improvements

  • [Agent] Date entered in a date field in the Agent Preview will now be validated for correct format.
  • [Agent] When an agent's connection is interrupted, the "This session is open at agent station" message will no longer be displayed. 
  • [Workflows] A workflow IDV with a selfie now works as expected even when the account configuration has "Customer Attachment" set to false.
  • [Workflows] When additional workflows are added via API, notifications will now be triggered according to the account's configuration.
  • [Workflows] Deleting functions in a dynamic HTML template no longer prevents further functions from being added as expected.
  • [Workflows] In the dynamic HTML template designer, the Word Wrap option is now saved. 
  • [Workflows] In the dynamic HTML template designer, a color picker window is now available to select table cell and border colors. 
  • [Workflows] Labels from attributes are now displayed in the customer wizard. 
  • [Workflows] Duplicated HTML templates can now be deleted. 
  • [Configuration] An administrator or configurator can now upload multiple email templates at the same time.
  • [Integrations] Document requests will now upload to storage hubs according to the configuration. 
  • [IDV] Support for the new 2022 models for Real ID and standard has been added. 

Release timeline

August 21, 2022
6:00 AM UTC
August 21, 2022
9:00 PM UTC
August 23, 2022
11:00 PM UTC


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