Release January 7, 2024
  • 10 Jan 2024
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Release January 7, 2024

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What's New

This release includes the following new features:

Customer UI refresh phase 2

This stage of UI updates focuses on enhancing standard Lightico features like document signing, Forms, Document Requests and identity verification (IDV).

For more information, see UI refresh phase 2.

Use alternate phone number to authenticate a customer

We're pleased to announce a security enhancement in our Innovis phone-based customer authentication. Now, you can allow the customer to provide an alternate phone number if the one provided doesn't match their associated credentials. This addition is part of our continued efforts to enable you to conduct seamless costumer journeys while ensuring a secure business environment.

For more information, see Innovis phone-based customer authentication

Document encryption for SFTP storage integration

Now, after a document is finalized in a session, it can be encrypted before it is transferred to your SFTP storage service. Enable this feature by uploading a public key in the SFTP integration hub settings. This ensures an added layer of security for your stored documents, maintaining the integrity of your sensitive data throughout the storage process.

For more information, see SFTP document transfer and storage.

New API Features


For more information about new API features, see the API Reference in the Lightico Developer’s Center.

Create a dynamic Workflow endpoint

In the previous versions, the API supported sending either a batch of documents or a Workflow template configured in the Lightico Workflow builder.  The new Add dynamic Workflow to a session endpoint enables you to construct a complete Workflow that includes most Lightico Workflow elements excluding conditional hubs, switches, and functions. 

Workflow elements such as Forms, Dynamic Documents, and Document Requests, can be added to the Workflow without any preloading. To add PDF Templates and External Documents, you need to first upload them using the new Initialize PDF Template for a dynamic Workflow and Upload External Document for a dynamic Workflow endpoints.

Updated session related endpoints 

The following new endpoints have been added to the API to make running a session more modular in that each endpoint performs a more focused purpose: 

  • Create new session v28.1: Enables session creation and configuration without adding assets initially. 

  • Add Attributes to a session: 

  • Add participants to a session: A new endpoint that adds all primary and additional participant contact information to the session. 

  • Invite the Customer: A new endpoint defining the channel through which to send invitations to the session. 

  • Send a Reminder to Session Participants: A new endpoint that alerts participants who haven't completed their tasks, enhancing engagement and task completion efficiency. 


The following new endpoints are backward compatible and can be used even when the session was created with a previous version of the Create new session endpoint:

  • Add participants to a session

  • Add Attributes to a session

  • Initialize PDF Template for a dynamic Workflow 

  • Upload External Document for a dynamic Workflow

  • Add dynamic Workflow to a session

Fixes and Improvements

  • [User Management] Employee ID can no longer include a space at the beginning or end of the string.

  • [Forms] Text wrapping now applies in the customer view of Attribute labels in a Form.

  • [Forms] Added improvements in the form editor cascade option.

  • [Dynamic Documents] Added support for page visibility conditions that use data from an agent Form.

  • [Dynamic Documents] Text wrapping in a table cell in a Dynamic Document is now applied in preview state.

  • [Dynamic Documents] Date format is now be displayed according to the Attribute settings when passed from an agent Form to a Dynamic Document.

  • [Dynamic Documents] Aggregate function based on a function used in a repeatable section now calculates as expected.

  • [Workflow builder] Resolved an issue that sometimes prevented deletion of Workflow elements.

  • [Visual cart Workflows] Agent can now preview the contents of a visual cart.

  • [New PDF Template builder] Page titles are now displayed.

  • [New PDF Template builder] Added a default value for checkbox and radio button fields.

  • [Events] The name of the Signer completed event has changed to Participant completed although the functionality remains the same.

  • [Events] The name of the Workflow completed by a customer event has changed to Workflow completed, since now an agent can sign last in a document.

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January 7, 2024
7:00 AM UTC

January 8, 2024
10:00 PM UTC

January 17, 2024
00:00 AM UTC


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