Release September 18, 2022
  • 06 Oct 2022
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Release September 18, 2022

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Article Summary

What's New

This release includes the following new features:

Core features:

Lightico Knowledge Center Assistant 

Lightico's Knowledge Center articles are now accessible from the Agent and Administration pages as a moveable side panel. Open recommended articles or search for information without leaving the page you are working on!

UI/UX Improvements 

  • Button shapes in all parts of the UI changed to a more modern look with sharp corners
  • Customer forms are displayed on a  card that is centered on the screen against a background for greater clarity
  • Page titles and buttons for eSign documents and forms are centered on the screen for easier access, especially for wide screens

Session consent forced review 

A new setting in  System Settings (Session > Preferences > Force Review) requires the customer to scroll to the bottom of the session consent text before they can click the consent button.

Document Request in a workflow - preview & download

When a customer fulfills a document request as part of a workflow and then exits before the workflow is completed:

  • Agent can preview the uploaded documents
  • Agent and customer can download a draft of the uploaded documents

Customize file name for document request

You can now configure an internal custom file name for document requests. After a customer uploads documents to a session, a PDF of the collected documents is created. When the customer downloads the PDF, the file receives the public name, but when the agent downloads or when the PDF is sent internally by email, the custom file name is used. For more information, see Document handling.

Until this release, this feature was only available for eSigns and workflow files.

API features:

Session Access PIN set via API

A session access PIN can now be defined when you start a session using the API. For more information about session access PIN, see see Session Access PIN Authentication

Salesforce features:

Related object fields sent to session

Send mapped fields to a session, from objects related to the object in which the session originated.

Fixes and Improvements

  • [Agent] An agent can now preview, download and view a customer uploaded image. 
  • [Agent] When sending a shared item, an agent can now enter multiple aphostrophe characters to a text field. 
  • [Customer] Customer can no longer use space to bypass a required nested field. 
  • [Configuration] When deleting a folder in Shared Items, it will no longer impact any document created previously under the folder. 
  • [Configuration] Signing condition, linked to an agent-side, datasource entity based radio button, will now function as expected.
  • [eSigns] When the language of an eSign document is configured to be French, number fields now show EU format in the final document, i.e. decimal instead of commas and points are used to separate every three digits. For example: 123.456,00.
  • [Reminder] Reminders will no longer be triggered to a blacklisted contact email. 
  • [Reminder] Reminders will be triggered to the selected channel only, if both email and phone number is used as invite in an API created session.
  • [Workflows] Fixed an error related to duplicating a dynamic HTML template configured with objects and conditions.
  • [Workflows] In the Form Designer, if the required condition is based on a dropdown attribute, the form can now proceed to the next step in the customer wizard.
  • [Workflows] In the Form Designer, deleting a parent attribute will no longer impact the ability to re-add to the form any deleted attributes. 
  • [Workflows] In a customer form built with the Form Designer, break lines between sections are no longer displayed. 
  • [Workflows] In the HTML Designer, the toolbar will no longer pop out when browser window size is changed.
  • [Workflows] In a dynamic HTML template, if an image is added, the alignment can now be set to left, right and centered. 
  • [Workflows] Duplicating a dynamic HTML template will now include all configured functions in the duplicated instance.
  • [Workflows] In a dynamic HTML template, an extra space was added when the table cell included multiple lines. This is now fixed.
  • [Workflows] In a dynamic HTML template, you can now add a function easily from a table cell. 
  • [Hebrew] Field values will now show aligned and according to the mapping configuration in the agent and customer preview step. 
  • [Integration] When an non-existing key of a dropdown attribute is sent in an API call, this will no longer impact the final document. 
  • [Integration] 1.0 Auth API request will now return empty for any unauthenticated users. 

Release timeline

September 18, 2022
9:00 UTC
September 18, 2022
21:00 UTC
September 27, 2022
23:00 UTC


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