Send a visual cart Workflow
  • 25 Oct 2023
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Send a visual cart Workflow

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A visual cart is a purchase summary that the agent generates and sends to the customer for approval. Visual carts can contain different versions, called journeys. Each journey may contain different items, pricing, and terms. 

If a Workflow includes a visual cart, you, the agent, must select a journey, fill in the required information and only then can you send the Workflow to the customer.

Customer View of a Visual Cart
Visual cart Workflows are created by a Profile Admin or Business Configurator user. For more information, see Create a visual cart.

To send a visual cart:

  1. In a Lightico session, select a Workflow that includes a visual cart.
    The visual cart opens.

  2. Select a journey from the Select Journey list. The form for the journey appears.

  3. Complete the fields in the journey and click SetThe journey summary appears on the right.

  4. To add a new journey, click Add New.

  5. Select a journey.
    The form for the new journey appears on the left.

  6. Complete the fields and click Set.
    The second journey appears under the first.

  7. To edit one of the journeys, click the edit icon.
    The fields for that journey appear on the left.

  8. Make changes in the fields and click Set.

  9. When you are ready to send the visual cart, click Send.

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