Configure end session behavior
  • 14 Jun 2022
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Configure end session behavior

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Article summary

Lightico sessions can be ended in 2 ways:

  • The agent clicks End Session.
  • The session is ended automatically after the agent is inactive for a certain duration (this is configured in the settings as described below).

You can define which pages both agents and customers will be redirected to after the session has ended.

You can also provide customers with different levels of access to sessions after they have ended.

Agent end session behavior

You can configure the following end session behaviors in System settings ⇾  End session behavior ⇾ Agent:

Redirect agent

To determine which interface the agent sees once the current session has ended:

Under Redirect Agent, choose one of the following options:

  • Back to Welcome page - The agent is taken back to the Agent welcome page.
  • Stay in room - The agent remains in the session interface and has access to all customer interactions for that session.

End session when agent is inactive

To automatically end sessions when agents are inactive in Lightico for a specific duration: 

Under End session when agent is inactive, turn on the toggle and enter the duration.

Customer end session behavior

You can configure the following end session behaviors for customers in System settings ⇾  End session behavior ⇾ Customer.

End session access

To define the level of customer access to a session after it has ended:

  1. Under End session access, turn the toggle on and select one of the following access levels:
    • Full access (unlimited) - Customer has full access to assets in the session, including the ability to complete documents. 
    • Full access (time restricted) - Customer has full access, as above, but only for a defined period of time. 
    • Limited access - Customer can review incomplete documents and download completed documents, but they cannot fill out or complete a document. 
  2. If you selected Limited access or Full access (time restricted), define the duration of the access.
  3. If you selected either of the Full access options, configure the following settings:
    • Attachments - Turn the toggle on to enable the customer to add attachments.
    • Chat - Turn the toggle on to  enable the customer to use the chat to send a message to the agent.
  4. If you selected Full access (time restricted), configure the following:
    • Continue to limited access - Turn the toggle on and define a duration to enable limited access for the defined duration after the full access period is over.

Redirect customer

To redirect customers to a specific URL at the end of a session: 

Under Redirect customer, turn the toggle on and enter the relevant URL.

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