Add multiple participants to a PDF template
  • 16 May 2024
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Add multiple participants to a PDF template

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Article summary

You can configure a PDF template to include more than one participant. 

When an agent adds a multi-participant PDF template to a session, the agent fills in the details of each of the participants before sending it.

Each participant receives an invitation to complete their part of the document in the order defined in the PDF Editor. For example, after the Participant 1 finishes signing the document, an email or SMS is automatically sent to the co-signer to join the session.

Participant Groups

Participants are organized into groups. All participants in a group receive an invitation to the session at the same time. Invitations to the participants in the next group are not sent until all in the first group have finished completing their part of the document.

An example of participant groups could be as follows:

  • Group 1: Signer and co-signer receive an invitation to sign a loan agreement
  • Group 2: Lender receives an invitation to sign
  • Group 3: After all the signatures are on the agreement, the bank manager looks it over and approves it

Add participants to a PDF template

In the PDF Builder, you can add participants, assign them roles such as signer or approver, and define the order in which they receive the PDF.

In the example below, there are three participants - two signers and one approver.

To add participants to a PDF:

  1. Open the participant tab and click the add participant icon next to the relevant groups. Add a participant to group 1 and to group 2.The participants are added to the selected groups.
  2. Hover over Participant 3 and click the edit icon. The Edit Participant 3 dialog opens.
  3. In the Role dropdown, change the role from Signer to Approver.
  4. Select the Optional checkbox so that the agent can choose not to include this participant.
  5. Click Done.
  6. Select Participant 1 and add a Text (for entering a name), Signature, and Signature date field to the template (see New PDF Builder: Configure fields). 
  7. Select Participant 2 and add the relevant fields.
  8. Click Save Draft or Publish to save this template.

Changing Participant Order

Click and drag participants to change the order of participants in a group or to move a participant to a different group.

Agent Participation

  • Select the Agent participant to add fields for the Agent to complete. 
  • Hover over the Agent participant and click the icon to move the Agent to the last participant spot or back to the first again.

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