Getting started with the PDF Builder
  • 16 May 2024
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Getting started with the PDF Builder

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Article Summary

This article gives an overview of how to use the PDF Builder to create a PDF template. 

What can you do with the PDF Builder?

The PDF Builder enables you to transform a static PDF contract or form into a PDF template that can be completed in a Lightico session. The following features can be incorporated into the PDF template: 

  • Obtaining a legally binding customer signature or approval
  • Collecting customer information through a user friendly digital form
  • Tagging customer information with attributes for reuse in a session or mapping to your CRM 
  • Including multiple additional participants who also provide signatures, approval, and information
A PDF Template as Seen in the Builder with Interactive Fields
The customer fills in the fields using a digital form and only then is the information placed into your document. For more information, see New PDF Builder: Design the customer form.

Configure a template in the PDF Builder

The instructions below give you a general idea of how to create and configure a PDF template. See subsequent articles for more explanations of specific and advanced features of building a template.

To configure a PDF template:

  1. In the Admin navigation pane, click Shared Items.
    The Share items page opens.
  2. Click the upload icon for the relevant directory and upload a PDFThe Uploading item window appears.
  3. Click Try our new editor.
    The document opens in the PDF Builder.
    You can also click Create a PDF Template from the Admin Home page. You are taken right into the PDF Builder where you can upload a PDF and start building. When you save the template, you'll choose a directory.
  4. Select an interactive field type to add to the template in one of the following ways:
    1. When adding one interactive field at a time: right-click the template and select a field type from the context menu.
    2. To add multiple fields of the same type one after the other: select a field type icon from the right tool bar.
  5. Click and drag to render and position the field.
  6. To reposition a field, drag it or use the arrow keys.
  7. Edit all aspects of your template using the following controls: 
    1. Tabs:
    2. PDF/Form - Toggle between viewing the document (PDF) only and viewing the customer form (wizard) alongside the document (see Design the customer form).
    3. Participants - View all template participants and change the active participant for editing.
    4. Field properties panel - Select a field to display and configure properties for that field (see Configure fields).
    5. Field context menu - Appears when a field is selected. Format field text, change the participant to which the field is associated, and delete or duplicate the field.
  8. To change the name of the template file, click inside the template name in the top left corner and edit the name.
  9. When you're finished editing, click Publish or Save Draft to save your work without making it available to agents yet.

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