Set Up Payment Gateway Integration
  • 20 Aug 2023
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Set Up Payment Gateway Integration

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Article summary

You can collect payments from customers within a Lightico session, seamlessly integrating it with other essential elements of the customer journey. Verify their ID, gather information, obtain signatures, and collect payments all without leaving the collaboration UI.

To get started, create an account with a payment gateway platform and, in Lightico settings, set up an integration with your payment gateway. The payment collection tool then becomes available to your agents during a session. 

This article explains how to set up the integration between your payment gateway account and Lightico.

For information about collecting a payment during a session, see Request payment.

Supported payment gateway platforms

Lightico supports the following payment gateway platforms:

  • American Express
  • PayTrace
  • PayFabric
  • Payeezy
  • Worldpay

Setting up a payment gateway hub

Once you have opened an account with a payment gateway platform, you can set up the integration between it and Lightico.

The following are general instructions for all payment gateway integration hubs. For more specific setup information for a particular payment gateway platform, contact your payment gateway support or your Lightico customer success rep.

To configure a payment gateway hub: 

  1. From the Lightico Administration page, go to Integration hubs and click the relevant hub.
    The payment hub opens. 
  2. Enter a name and description for the hub and click Save.
  3. On the Connectivity tab, enter your payment gateway account credentials.
  4. Under Environment, select either Sandbox or Production.
  5. On the Attributes tab, click each Attribute dropdown to bind each of the items in the Field column to a Lightico attribute.
    This ensures that this customer information can be reused in a Lightico session.
  6. Click Save.
    The payment gateway integration hub is configured.

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