Release November 13, 2022
  • 01 Dec 2022
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Release November 13, 2022

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What's New

This release includes the following new features:

Admin landing page

The new and improved Admin landing page enables you to easily access recently edited workflows and the most popular Lightico features. 

See New Admin landing page for an overview.

Self-service workflow

The self-service function enables you to embed a customer journey into your own website. The following new features have been added in this release: 

  • All configuration for a self-service workflow is done from the Workflow Builder settings tab 
  • An opening screen can be added to the workflow that requests the customer's name and email. This enables you to collect this contact information and to verify the customer's identity by sending a one-time passcode to their email.

For more information, see Create a self-service workflow.

Including document with agent signature in a workflow

You can now add eSign documents that include agent signatures and initials to a workflow. When the agent sends the workflow, they receive a pop-up that enables them to add their signature. The signature is automatically added to all documents that require their signature in the workflow.

For more information, see Send a workflow.

Collaborate multi-participant workflow from agent console

An Agent can now send a workflow that includes one or more multi-participant documents. A pop-up appears where the agent can enter participant contact information before the workflow is sent.

For more information, see Send a workflow.

Use of short URL to invite customers using text messages

A new setting in System Settings (Notification > General > Short customer invite URL) generates a short URL for including in the SMS and email session invitation. This increases readability and helps to stay within the 160-character limit for SMS messages. 

For more information see Send notifications.

Workflow background

Add a background that appears behind customer forms when they participate using a laptop or desktop device. Define a color or image for the background from the Workflow Builder Formatting tab.

For more information see Configure workflow settings.

Fixes and Improvements

  • [Agent Console] Agents can now save completed workflows and batch files from the agent desktop.
  • [Notifications] In multisigner documents, participants in Groups 2 and higher who have not completed their part in the document will now receive notifications.
  • [Notifications] SMS notifications for incomplete documents will now include the customized text as configured in System Settings. 
  • [Branding] When using customized colors, the session consent icon will now appear on the top instead of the bottom. 
  • [Branding] When session pin is enabled, the customer side session pin page buttons will now be displayed according to branding customization. 
  • [Workflows] Focus behavior has been corrected in the HTML Designer.
  • [Workflows] Nested checkbox attributes can now be configured to control objects in a Dynamic HTML.
  • [Workflows] In a Visual Basket use case, agent prefilled checkbox values will now pass to the customer form.
  • [API] When sending a Document request via API to an existing session, it will now trigger an update notification according to system settings. 
  • [API] User deleted and recreated on a new profile can now create sessions via API.
  • [API] PATCH Workflow v22.1 to read-only - new document state will now be reflected automatically in the session window.
  • [Integrations] When uploading documents to Evault, the connection timeout for file upload attempt has been increased. 
  • [Localization] Corrected how the session window interacts with browser's Auto Translate functionality.
  • [Localization] When exporting to CSV from History, Hebrew characters will now display as expected. 

Release timeline

November 13, 2022
7:00 AM UTC
November 13, 2022
10:00 PM UTC
November 16, 2022
12:00 AM UTC

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