Create multi-signer Workflow
  • 10 Dec 2023
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Create multi-signer Workflow

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Lightico enables you to create a Workflow that includes one or more documents with multiple signers and/or approvers. You can also define a label for each participant to replace the default labels.

By default, the signers of each document in a Workflow are numbered in order of their appearance in the document. This number is their label, like the example below.

In this example, the Bank Manager is Participant 2 in Contract 1, but she is Participant 3 in Contract 2. You can define a new label called "Bank Manager" and use it to replace these two labels. So, now the bank manager has the same label for both documents, simplifying this Workflow.

Create the Workflow

To create a Workflow with multi-signer documents:

  1. Create a Workflow with one or more multi-signer documents (see Create Workflows).

    The participants icon next to each document shows how many participants are defined for each document.

  2. Click the labels icon to the right of the Workflow canvas.
    The Participant Labels pane appears.
  3. Click the add label icon in the top right corner.
    The Add new label box appears.
  4. Enter a name for the new label and click Done. For example, Bank Manager.
    The Bank Manager label appears in the Participant Labels pane under Not assigned.
  5. Click the participants icon on the first document.
     The participants window for the document appears.
  6. Click the label dropdown for Participant 2 and select Bank Manager.
    Participant 1 is always the primary participant and its label cannot be changed.
  7. Click the participants icon on the second document.
     The participants window for the second document appears.
  8. Click the label dropdown for Participant 3 and select Bank Manager.
     In the Participant Labels pane, there are now three active participants: 
  • Participant 1 - primary participant and signer on both documents
  • Participant 2 - co-signer on the second document 
  • Bank Manager - signer on both the first and second documents; when this Workflow is sent the two signatures are requested from the same participant.
    The Participant 3 label is no longer needed, so it is listed under Not assigned.

Creating a Workflow with multi-signer documents is completed. 

Send the Workflow via agent

When an agent sends a multi-signer Workflow, a pop-up appears and the agent must provide all participant contact information before the Workflow goes out.


If the agent does not have the contact information for a participant, she can allow the primary participant to provide it. For more information, see Send a Workflow that requires agent input.

Participants are shown according to the labels that you created.

Participant contact information form shown in the agent UI

Send the Workflow via the API

To send a Workflow to a customer via the API:

  1. Use the Get Workflow labels command to get the labels for the Workflow. 
  2. Use the Add Workflow command to send the Workflow.

For more information about the API, see Lightico API.

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