Release June 2, 2024
  • 02 Jun 2024
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Release June 2, 2024

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New features

This release includes the following new features:

Workflow builder upgrade

We're happy to introduce significant UI/UX enhancements to the Workflow builder. These improvements are designed to make it easier to navigate settings and the Workflow canvas. Workflows are the core of the Lightico experience, and we aim to provide the most effective and intuitive experience possible.

For more information, see Workflow builder upgrade June 2024.

Create your own no-code integrations for Workflows

Do you have a third-party service that is an essential part of your customer journeys? Now you can use the new no-code, user-friendly custom integration builder to easily create your own integrations with third-party services of your choice.

Once you’ve created the integration in the custom integration builder, you can include the service as a step in a Workflow. For example, an insurance customer can fill out a Form in a Workflow with the type of policy he wants, his age, and claim history. The Workflow then retrieves an appropriate quote based on the information provided, dynamically creates the required documents, and obtains the customer signature. No-code integrations is another big step in smoothing the road to customer journey completion.

For more information:


New states for External Documents

Previously, External Documents were defined as either for signing or approval, based on whether a signature field was included. With our latest release, in addition to the Sign and Approve states we're introducing two new states: Download and Review. Specify the state by selecting from the new Document purpose drop-down menu.

These additional states are now available for:

Change IDV consent text

The default IDV consent page text says that the retention length of IDV information is ninety (90) days. If you'd like to change it to a shorter duration, please contact your customer success representative.


Collaboration room

  • Resolved an issue where Workflows did not lock.

  • Customer can now return to the draw signature option after selecting signature pad.

  • The Save for later option in a Document Request interaction now displays the correct message.

  • Resolved an issue with a free text item inserted with the Old PDF Template builder and viewed on a mobile device.

  • The customer is no longer able to send an attachment when attachments is disabled.

  • Adding an empty repeatable section in a visual cart no longer results in a calculation of zero for the cart.

  • Agent can now preview HTML documents.

  • Agent conditions in a Workflow now influence which External Documents they are required to upload.

  • Dropdown and radio button values in a Workflow document are now visible for agent and customer preview.

  • Agent signature in a Workflow is now formatted properly.

  • In a Document Request step in a Workflow, if a document is uploaded and then deleted, the Workflow will function as expected and not proceed.

  • Self-service Workflow occasional issue after entering customer details is resolved.


  • Agent IP now appears in the completed document audit page.

Salesforce integration

  • Selecting a team other than the user’s default team now works properly.


  • Text alignment in the PDF builder now works properly.

  • Newly created Attributes are now available for immediate use in Forms.

  • Inserting an image into a Dynamic Document with the same file name as a previously inserted image is now saved and displayed correctly.


  • A new team is now created with all settings defined by default as Use system settings.

  • An inactive user is now logged out after the defined period even from the Administration pages.


  • In a dynamic Workflow (v28.1) an additional participant in the first order group now receives an invite at the same time as the primary participant when the Invite customer (28.1) endpoint is sent.

Release timeline




June 2, 2024

7:00 AM UTC

June 3, 2024

9:00 PM UTC

June 11, 2024

11:00 PM UTC

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