Configure Lightico Settings
  • 08 May 2023
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Configure Lightico Settings

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Article summary

 This article explains the settings found in the Configuration tab in Lightico settings. The settings define some aspects of running and managing a Lightico session.
To configure other Lightico settings, refer to articles on the core Lightico settings such as: General session preferences and General Security Settings.

To access Lightico settings:

In Salesforce, click the app icon and navigate to the Lightico Settings page-OR-

Click Lightico Settings in the Salesforce Lightico app.

The Configuration tab in Lightico Settings includes the following settings: 

Enable Agent to Select Team

When you enable this feature, a Teams dropdown appears on the agent screen that enables agents to select from which team to run the session. Each team can have a different set of assets, settings, and interface branding. To learn more about Lightico Teams, see User Management.

Show Completed Files in the Original Object

By default, completed files are only shown in the object in which the session ends. Enable this feature to show the completed files also in the object from which the session started.

You can customize the name of Lightico files, including adding customer name or account. In the Lightico platform UI, go to System Settings > Session > Document handling. For more information, see Customize file names for system use.

Enable Agent to Hide Customer Chat

When you enable this feature, you provide agents with a toggle that hides/shows the customer chat during a Lightico session. To hide the chat, the agent turns off the Customer Chat toggle before starting the session. When the toggle is off, neither the customer cannot send text messages.

You can also hide the customer chat in the process builder. Set the “Session Customer Chat” parameter to False

Invitation to a Session

When an agent starts a session, an email or SMS message is sent to the customer with a link for connecting to the collaboration room. You can customize the default message that appears in the email subject or SMS message and allow agents to customize their own message from the Agent screen before starting a session.
To customize the default invitation message:

  • In Lightico Settings, under Invitation to a Session, toggle the switch next to Email subject or SMS content to on and edit the text in the field.
Use Merge Fields to add predefined fields. For example, use {!Contact.FirstName} to automatically populate the message with the current contact’s first name.

  • Leave the switch in the on position to allow agents to customize their own message from the Agent screen.
     Turn the switch off to lock the default message so that it cannot be changed by an agent.

Add a Lightico Session button

Some of the Standard objects (Account/Case/Contact/Lead/Opportunity) include a Lightico Start Session button as part of the package. This section explains how to add a button to other standard objects and to custom objects.

This settings adds the button to the object, but it will not show up on the object page until you add it to the page layout (see Add Lightico elements to page layout).

To add a start session button to a custom object:

  1. In Lightico Settings, under Add Lightico button, click Create button.
     The Start Session Button window appears.

Define the following: 

  • Select object - Name of the standard/custom object to which you want to add the button 
  • Button Label - Text that appears on the button 
  • Related contact and account - You must choose at least one contact lookup field; choosing an account is optional. Selecting an account will give the agent the option of starting the session with any of that account's elated Contacts.
    Note: You cannot add more than one account field.

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