Getting started as an agent
  • 17 Nov 2022
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Getting started as an agent

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As a Lightico agent you will interact with your customer in a Lightico session, communicating and exchanging information to complete business transactions or processes. Invite your customer into a session by email or SMS where they can click on a link to join.
During a Lightico session, you can:

This article introduces the key elements and functionality of the Lightico session. 

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Start a session

To start interacting with customers, invite them to a Lightico session from the agent console. The invitation can be sent to an email address or a phone number (SMS). All collaboration and interaction with customers is managed through these sessions.

There are 2 ways to start a session:

  • Start Session - Invites the customer to interact immediately
  • Pre-plan Session - Allows you to first set up your session with the content you require and only then to invite your customer to interact.

Send a template-based document

During a Lightico session, you can send a template-based document to your customer. This may be a form that you want the customer to complete, a document that you need signed or approved or any other type of document that you want to share with your customer. The template-based documents that have been prepared and predefined by your business administrator are found under Assets in the right panel. 

Send an ad hoc document

During a session, you can create and send an ad hoc document by uploading a document PDF from your local file system and adding custom field elements. 

The instructions below show how to send a document that can be signed by your customer from their device. For more information about sending ad hoc documents, see Send an ad hoc document.

To send an ad hoc document that your customer can sign from their device:

  1. Click the attachment icon at the bottom of the left panel.
    A preview of the document appears with a tool bar above.

  2. Click the Signature icon on the toolbar.
    The signature field appears in the top left corner of the document.

  3. Click the field and drag it to the signature line in the document.

  4. Click Send.
    Your customer receives a link to the document and can sign it on their device.

    Send a workflow

    You can also send a workflow to your customer that involves multiple steps and interactions. The workflows that have been prepared and predefined by your business administrator are found under Workflows in the right panel.

    Other interactions with your customer

    In addition to sending documents and workflows you can also use the Lightico Apps to interact with your customers. To access the Lightico Apps click Tools, in the right pane.
    The following Lightico Apps are available in the Tools section:
    • Document Request - Collect supporting documentation such as ID documents, drivers licenses and more.
    • Payment - Process payments within the session.
    • Shared Review - View and annotate a document together with the customer.
    • Send Batch - Send a multiple documents to be completed in a particular order.

Manage your session

In the left panel of the Agent Console, you manage your session with the customer.

The Customer Status Indicator at the top left corner of the screen provides information about the customer.

The Interaction Bubbles in the left pane provide information about each interaction with the customer and what the status is of that interaction. For example, if you send a document to sign, the bubble will include the name of the document and information about whether the customer has signed. A checkmark means the document was signed and an edit icon means it has not been signed.

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