Customize customer interface and document formatting
  • 13 Mar 2022
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Customize customer interface and document formatting

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This article describes how to customize the look and feel of the Lightico customer interface and template-based documents. 

Customize session design

For Lightico sessions, you can upload your own logo and choose colors to match your brand instead of using the default logo and colors of Lightico. When the customer enters the session, they will see the customized design as in the following example:

To change the logo:

Go to System settings  Format and design Logo for customer session and click Replace File.

The image can be in PNG or JPEG format and can be a maximum of 500 KB.

The file is uploaded and displayed at the top of the customer interface.

To customize the colors:

  1. Go to System settings  Format and design Colors for customer session and turn on the toggle.
  2. Click the edit icon.
    The Choose colors pop-up appears.
  3. Click inside the Background color field to reveal the color picker and select the background color for interface elements.
  4. Click inside the Foreground color field to and select the font color.
  5. Click Done.
    The new colors are saved and will appear on the customer interface.

Customize default document formats

For Lightico documents, you can customize the default format of the fonts and dates that appear in template-based documents. When you create a template-based document you can override these settings. For more information about template-based documents, see Create template-based documents.

SettingsConfiguration instructions
Document font size
Select the default font size for custom fields in PDF documents.
Document font
Select the default font for custom fields in PDF documents.
Document date format
Select the default format for the Date field and the Signature date field in PDF documents. This format also affects the way the date is displayed in the document audit trail.
Include time in Signature date
You can choose to include the time in the Signature date field and you can select the time format.

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